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Crop Sharing Program



The crop sharing program is designed to provide our FC members with the opportunity to either get rare materials, or sell rare materials or seeds, without overly worrying about the whole gardening process.

We will provide 3 levels of service to our member.

Level 1 - Free Lootz!

This level is designed for low level players who many not have access to seeds/soil, or for players who perhaps don't have the time to gather the necessary resources. At this level, all you will have to do is simply tell us what crops or seeds you want, and we will do all the work. We will gather the seeds, soil, everything. In return however, the FC will claim 50% of all crop yields.

Please note that this level has the LOWEST PRIORITY in terms of the Crop Sharing Program or Gardening Reservation.

Level 2 - Partial Involvement

This level is designed for players who may only have botany or mining, or can only get some of the materials needed. At this level, you simply must provide at least 1/2 of the materials needed. This can be either seeds, soil, or a combination of both. In return, the FC will claim 30% of all crop yields.

Level 3 - I got this!

This level is for players who can gather all the mats, but don't have the time or knowledge to just reserve gardening time. You provide 100% of the items needed, and in return, you get 100% of the crop yield.

All Levels - I will personally plan, plant, tend and fertilize all crop levels at no cost to you. You tell me what you want, and I will tell you what we need to get that done.

This service will be limited to only one whole garden plot at a time. (8 seeds, 8 soils). If you wish to work together with someone else, you are more than welcome to.


Please contact Mythos for any questions, as he will be doing all the work.

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